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Palawan Travel Tips and General Informations

Philippines Travel Tips, General Informations and Activities
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    PALAWAN: Best of the Islands Philippines

    Historical Tourist Attractions

    Santa Isabel Fort - The historic Taytay Fort built in 1667 under the Augustinian Recollect Fathers was usedas a military station during that period. The fort's small chapel and cannon are still intact.

    Location : Taytay
    How to get there : From Malvar Terminal in Puerto Princesa, one can take a Taytay-bound jeepney or bus and get off at the Taytay church. The fort can be reached by a three-minute walk from the church. Taytay is 215 kilometers away from Puerto Princesa.
    Travel time : Eight hours from Puerto Princesa to Taytay church.

    Cuyo Fort - Built during the early Spanish period purposely to protect the people from their enemies. Considered as one of the most ancient and unique forts in the Philippines. Within its wall are the church, the convent and the only Perpetual Adoration chapel in Palawan. Cuyo incidentally became the second capital of Palawan from 1873 to 1903. Places to saty include: Amanpulo (Pamalican Island), Tabunan beach cottages, and Irene's lodging house.

Philippine Travel Tips and General Informations

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Source of Information: Department of Tourism, Philippines

    Location : Cuyo, Palawan
    How to get there : Cuyo can be reached from Manila via the Air Pacific Airways. It is also accessible by sea from Puerto Princesa City and Iloilo province via MV MIlagosa, and from Manila, via MV Asuncion.
    Travel time : From Manila, travel time is an hour and 30 minutes by air and 24 hours by sea. By sea, Cuyo is 14 hours away from Iloilo province and 12 hours away from Puerto Princesa City.

    Port Miller & Light House Tower - A historical landmark in Brooke's Point, POrt Miller is a cemented water tank constructed as a source of potable water for the natives and settlers of the municipality. The original Light House Tower constructed by Sir James Brooke is still visible but much of the area is now occupied by a new light house town.

    Location : Brooke's Point
    How to get there : Brooke's Point is about 192 kilometers south of Puerto Princesa City and is accessible by land. Buses and jeepneys depart daily from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. from Puerto Princesa City.
    Travel time : 3 - 5 hours

    Melville Light House - A century-old facility which used to guide ancient marine vessels landward is still glowing after a hundred years. At present, the lighthouse has become a familiar landmark to the local folks.

    Location : Balabac
    How to get there : An island municipality southermost of Palawan, Balabac is 147.6 kilometers from Puerto Princesa. It is accessible both by land and sea. From Puerto Princesa, one could take buses or jeepneys bound to Tio Tuba- Balabac, then pumpboat to the island.
    Travel time : 6 - 7 hours land and 3 - 5 hours by boat.

Palawan Travel Information
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