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Davao Special Interest: Davao Travel Tips and General Information

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    Panacan, Davao City - 12 kms. north from Davao City Proper 25 minutes ride
    Attractions: Plywood processing

    Ilang-Tibungco, Davao City - 14 kms. north from the city proper
    Attractions: Cement and Steel processing
    Facilities: Guesthouse, service cars, and buses for guests.

Philippine Travel Tips and General Informations

Put on a Play

Kids love to dress-up in costumes or other articles of clothing that aren’t their own. Instead of putting away the Halloween costumes each year, leave them out in a play chest to be used year round. Whether you have lots of Halloween costumes or old clothes that you don’t wear anymore instead of getting rid of them let your kids have them. You will be amazed and pleasantly surprised at the imaginative play that will result from playing dress-up. Encourage them to get dressed-up and to put on a play in their costumes. Invite the neighborhood kids over to participate or just watch the show. Put on a Play

Motivational & Inspirational Quotes:

We all become great explorers during our first few days in a new city, or a new love affair. Mignon McLaughlin

When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable. Clifton Fadiman

Source of Information: Department of Tourism, Philippines

    Lanag, Davao City
    Attractions: Plywood processing
    Facilities: Resthouse within the compound, sports complex for pelota and tennis courts and basketball quadrangle.

    Mintal, Davao City - about 14 kms. from the city proper
    Attractions: Cross-breeding of Philippine fruit trees, ornamental plants, different species of orchids, abaca plantations.

    17Olive Road, Buhangin, Davao City
    Contact Person: Tony & Derling Alvarez
    Attractions: A vast orchid plantation of different species, underground cold-spring can be seen abundantly.

    Greenhills, Catalunan Pequeño - about 12 kms. southwest of Davao City
    Attractions: Magnificent garden laid on rolling terrain with thousand of blooming orchid, orchid plants and flower cuttings are available.

    Facilities: Restaurant/canteen/function rooms and overnight facilities

    Bolcan St., Agdao, Davao City
    Attractions: A wide array of exotic orchids of different species turning into a magnificent garden.

    Bo. Pampanga, Davao City
    c/o Mindanao Federation of Cutflowers and Plant Growers, Inc.
    Attractions: Display center of different orchid species and ornamental plants.

    Rubia St., Mintal, Davao City
    Attractions: An orchid nursery of prize - wiining orchid species stretched into endless rows in brilliant colors of deep rich purple, sublte shades of burgundy abd burnt orange.

    Park Avenue Drive, J.P. Laurel Ave., Davao City
    Attractions: An 8 million pesos building/cottage complex for orphans and abandoned children of Davao City, beautifully well manicured lawn where children play.

    Luzviminda Village, Ma-a Davao City
    Attractions: Varieties of cross-breed orchids in brilliant blooms situated in a 2-hectare area.

    Malagos, Baguio District, Calinan, Davao City
    Attractions/Facilities: A wide array of exotic orchids, beautiful sanctuary of Philippine native orchids are grown, orchid park showcasing native/hybrid orchids, garden pavillion and open huts ornamental plants/restaurant facilities, swimming pool and function rooms for other activities to be hosted by the garden resort.

    J.P. Ave., Davao City

    Bago Oshiro, Mintal, Davao City
    16 kms. southwest of the city center

    Attractions: One can observe a cross-breeding of different varieties of coconuts.
    Facilities: Training center/funciton rooms and loging facilities.

    Malagos, Calinan, Davao City
    Downtown Office: 2nd floor, UCBP Bldg., R. Magsaysay Ave.
    Once known as the monkey-eating eagle; it is endemic (found only) to the eastern portion of the Philippine comprising the Sierra Madre mountains in Eastern Luzon and the hevily forested area of Mindanao.

    The largest eagle, standing to abut three and a half feet (3 1/2) may be recognized by its powerful bill, strong legs and claws. The general body color is grayish brown in the back and wings, whitish front neck and belly with shafts of gray brown streaked feathers on the head, which when erect forms a crest.

    The prey mostly on monkeys, but lately they have been observed feeding on flying lemurs (caguang), wild cats (musang), and flying squirrels (tapilac) in Mindanao. Usually the male does the hunting, sharing his catch with the female and the young, especially during the breeding time.

    The life of the eagle has been closely watched resulting in the following findings: pairs occupy a wide territory in lowland and medium elevation forest. Hunting flights extend to the cleared areas as well. At breeding time, they usually indulge in high searing flights and are said to mate in mid-air. The nest is a crude platform of branches and twigs, set in the tallest tree, Only one white egg is laid which hatches in about two months.

    The very size of the monkey eating eagle with its majestic stance makes it a very desirable target as a trophy. Also because of its uniqueness, there is a demand for its in major zoos of the world.

    How to Get to the Philippine Eagle Camp in Malagos Calinan

    - take jeepney from Davao City to Calinan
    - jeepney for Calinan are available anywhere at C.M. Recto Ave., A Pichon St. and Bankerohan Public Market
    - tricycle for Malagos (Eagle Breeding Center are available at Calinan Public Market)

    Cabarisan, Davao CITY?Kapatagan, Davao Sur

    Mt. Apo, tallest peak in the country at 10,311 feet above sea level the mightest upward surge of along mountain range extending from North Cotabato, Davao del Sur and Davao City to Agusan del Sur and Misamis Oriental in nothern Mindanao.

    Mt. Apo straddles a long mountain range delineating the boundaries of the provinces of Davao del Sur and Noth Cotabato and Davao City. The vocanic peak Apo meaning grandfather of all Phillipine mountain dominats a vast aea of 72,769 hectares where natural wonders lure outdoor enthusiasts to trek through this tribal god’s domain and conquer this towering peak and see an exotic display of nature at its best in its virgin state a steaming blue lake in a picturesque ceysers and sulphur pillars, rainwater lakes, the swift flowing Marbel, Sibulan and urning Rivers waterfalls cascading with a thunderous roar from a deep gorge for a total drop of almost 300 feet. Several miniature falls in lake like spray give touches of silvery beauty to the verdant surroundings.

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