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Cavite Religious Attractions : Cavite Travel Tips & General Informations

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CAVITE CITY: Best of the Islands Philippines

Religious Attractions

Imus Cathedral
The church is an exponent of old Hispanis architecture and exudes an ambiance conducive to monastic life and spiritual meditation. The colors have darkened with time, nevertheless, one would not fail to notice the red colored bricks that make up the arches and walls of the place. Latin inscriptions accentuate the arches of the church.

Location : Barangay IV, Imus. The place is found in the town proper of Imus fronting the town plaza near the Municipal Hall.
How to get there : BLTB buses travel daily through the town of Imus from Metro Manila. Tricycles are available for travel within the town.
Travel time : Travel time is approximately 25 minutes from Manila to the place via the Manila-Cavite Coastal Road.


Cavite City, Philippines is 34 Kms.
away from Manila (Rizal Monument)

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Source of Information: Department of Tourism, Philippines

Silang Catholic Church
The church is large and the altar has intricate designs. There are numerous statues of Christ, Mary, and the saints of the Catholic Church ensconced within the altars' multi- level wooden platforms with stylized carvings. Legend goes that the church simply miraculously appeared overnight during the Spanish times. Others claim that it was created through forced labor instituted by the Spanish colonizers. The church was said to have been constructed in 1585.

Location : Silang town proper (adjacent the Silang Municipal Hall).
How to get there : From Baclaran, take a mini-bus-bound for Amadeo and get off in Silang.
Travel time : 1 hour and 45 minutes' drive.

General Trias Catholic Church
The Church altar is decorated with many ornately-carved statues of religious Catholic
saints and personas mainly set upon a multi-tiered wooden carved platform. The church dates back to the Spanish period more than 300 years ago. The altar design is remarkably similar to the Silang Church.

Location : Poblacion, Gen. Trias (fronting the town plaza and municipal hall).
How to get there : The Saulog Transit Inc. buses are serving the route between Vito Cruz, Metro Manila and General Trias via the Manila-Cavite Coastal Road.
Travel time : 1 to 1/2 hours' drive from Manila..

Maragondon Catholic Church
Of 17th century vintage, the Marigondon Catholic Church was built by the Dominican friars. It has a large convent made of different antique woods and bricks. The wooden altar, pulpit and main portal are finely crafted. One of the mainattractions is the tower which in the olden times, served as a lookout for signs of enemy intruction.

Location : Poblacion, Maragondon (fronting the town plaza and municipal hall ).
How to get there : Saulog buses ply the route from Metro Manila to Marigondon. The road condition from Manila to the place is generally good and very accessible especially if one takes the Aguinaldo Boulevard route.
Travel time : 2 hours from Manila.

Our Lady of La Salette Shrine
This church was built by the American Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette, known to Filipinos as Our Lady of Hope. The shrine is famous for its unique park theme and giant woodcarvings of the Last Supper and the Stations of the Cross. Serenity is endowed by well-tended pine trees, shrubbery and expansive lawns at this place. An imposing shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary stands in the middle of a well-trimmed garden surrounded by flags of different nations where Catholicism thrived. Retreat houses, chapels, souvenir shops, and other interesting attractions make the place interesting not only for cursory visitations but for spiritual contemplation as well.

Location : Kilometer 41, Barangay Biga, Silang
How to get there : BLTB buses and mini-buses from Baclaran pass by the Shrine in Silang, from Metro Manila.
Travel time : Approximately 1 hour from Manila to the site.

Nuestra Señora dela Soledad de Porta Vaga
Nuestra Señora dela Soledad de Porta Vaga, reputed to be a relic of Spain, is a painting of the Virgin Mary framed in carved wood. The relic is said to have been discovered, beached on the shores between the old Puerto Vaga in Cavite City and Barrio San Roque during the 18th century. The painting, presently set in precious gems, is also known as the "Virgin of a Thousand Miracles" because of many miracles granted to the faithful devotees from the day of its discovery to the present.

Location : San Roque Parish Church, Cavite City
How to get there : Pantranco, Saulog and St. Rafael buses travel from Metro Manila to Cavite City via Aguinaldo Boulevard. From there jeepneys and tricycles can be availed of to take you to San Roque Church.
Travel time : 1 1/2 hours' drive from Manila.

Travel Tips General Informations in Cavite

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