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Cavite Natural Attractions : Cavite Travel Tips & General Informations

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CAVITE CITY: Best of the Islands Philippines

Natural Attractions

Cabag Caves
The place is found at the bottom of the slope which runs down a steep angle to a brook. Lush greenery surrounds this little valley below where Cabag Cave is found. Inside the cave, an underground river runs for about 50 meters inward A pool of water is formed immediately off the mouth of the cave which leads to the brook.

Location : Poblacion 2, Maragondon

How to get there : The cave is about three and a half kilometers from the Silang town proper. Motor vehicles could reach up to the Barangay Luksuhin proper, then one would walk a kilometer long trail to reach the site. Jeepneys are available for travel from the Silang Poblacion to the Barangay. Mini-buses in Baclaran, Metro Manila with an Amadeo-Silang signboard are available for a trip to Silang, Cavite via the Coastal Road

Travel time : 1 to 1 1/2 hours drive from Manila; about 20 minutes' trial to the site.


Cavite City, Philippines is 34 Kms.
away from Manila (Rizal Monument)

Bird Feeders

Kids are naturally attracted to animals and will love the birds that come to eat off of their homemade bird feeders. The following instructions are for a very simple bird feeder that can be made again and again. Once you put out food for birds and they start coming on a regular basis you should continue to feed them as they are rely on the feeders as a food source. Bird Feeders

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Source of Information: Department of Tourism, Philippines

Malibiclibic Falls
A valley borders the Malibiclibic Falls, where boulders cut across the middle of the gushing river waters cascading from the falls. At the far end of the river is the NIA irrigation project. Theother river route nearer the falls is a large pond which could be viewed from atop one of the boarder hills of the valley. A large pool of water forms at the base of the falls while coconut trees, shrubs and other greenery flank the sides.

Location : Boarder of the Barangay Lumipa, Gen. Aguinaldo and Magallanes
How to get there : Three routes are available from Manila to the site. One is via Manila-tagaytay-Alfonso Road; the second is via Manila-Palapala-Trece Martires City-Alfonso Road; the third is via Manila - Bacoor - Tanza - Naic - Maragondon Road. This, however, is passable only during dry season Glenda Transit travels to Gen. Aguinaldo via Tagaytay - Baclaran route; Maria Luisa Lines ply the Alfonso via Tagaytay - Baclaran route; Ortillo Lines takes the Alfonso via Trece Martires - Palapala - Baclaran route. Saulog buses travel from Vito Cruz, Manila to Maragondon everyday. Jeepneys are available at Alfonso for travel to Gen. Aguinaldo if you take the Alfonso destination stop. Maragondon likewise has jeepneys which travel by the vicinity of the barangay road off Municipalities Falls. The Anoang barangay road is a rough passage which stretches for a kilometer leading to the river which leads to the falls.
Travel time : From Manila, via Tagaytay-Alfonso road travel time is 2 hours; also 2 hours via Palapa-Trece Martires-Alfonso road; and 1 1/2 hours through Bacoor.

Balite Falls
Two falls could actually be seen in the area, one of which flows naturally, gushing strong clear water while the other one is outfitted with pipes and bamboo tubes to aid the flow of the water. The falls converge into a pool of water with a deep part for adults and a shallow part for children.

Location : Barangay Halng, Amadeo
How to get there : From Baclaran, take a mini-bus bound for Amadeo, Cavite. Balite Falls is about three and a half kilometers from the Amadeo town proper. Jeepneys could be taken from the town to Banay-banay after which one has to w walk half a kilometer inward to Barangay Halang to the side fromthe provincial road. The Barangay Halang road is generally rough though accessible to vehicles during dry season.
Travel time : Approximately 2 hours' drive from Manila.

Ulong Tubig
Ulong Tubig is a pool formed by natural spring water emanating from an adjacent hill. The pool leads to an irrigation pump which supplies a vast number of rice fields in Carmona. The area is shaded by coconut trees and other greenery. In the morning, the water appears to be very clear. However, in the afternoon, it changes to a green hue due to algae disturbed by the swimmers.

Location : Barangay Ulong Tubig, Carmona
How to get there : From Manila, the BLTB buses would pass by the national road in Carmona coming from the South Super Highway. A road intersection could be found along the national road wherein a smaller road branches out leading to City land subdivision in Carmona which is adjacent to Barangay Ulong Tubig. Jeeps or tricycles are available at the said intersection and would be passing by the subdivision. A half kilometer long road from Cityland, Carmona leads to the attraction.
Travel time : Approximately 45 minutes' drive from Manila.

Travel Tips General Informations in Cavite

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